Re-Opening in Breckenridge: Guest Service Fundamentals

While Breckenridge is currently under a “safer-at-home” order, we know that guests are still eager to travel, and even though we’re not inviting guests into our community just yet, it’s our job to make this process as safe and friendly as possible. By being good hosts and stewards, we are able to better educate our visitors of our expectations and create an opportunity to rebuild these relationships stronger than before.

The focus of One Breckenridge has always been economic sustainability. The simple math is: if you take care of clients and visitors, the cost to grow a business is reduced, thanks to repeat guests and referrals. Basically, our role here in Breckenridge is to leave people feeling like this is a special place that is truly unlike any other ski town. 

Not only can we all come together in these difficult times as a local community, but through consistent service, we can create a place where guests can feel welcome, safe and excited to return to. Which means better livelihood for everyone in the long run. 

So why should you care about guest service during this time? Consistent service is something that locals can own and have a hand in controlling, which is why coming together to address visitors in a helpful, informed manner is going to change their habits and help our community in the long run.

Because our guests view all experiences as Breckenridge as a whole, negative or positive, this can have a huge influence on their overall feelings about our town and community, thus their likelihood to return or recommend.

So how can we keep up with relevant safety standards while still upholding consistent Breckenridge customer service? Here are One Breckenridge’s 5 standards to use as tools to meet the expectations of visitors:

  • “We invite a conversation with you in the first 30 seconds of meeting you, respecting the fact that you are the reason why we are here.” 
  • “In the first two minutes of our conversation, you feel like you just made a new friend-like you now “know a guy” in Breckenridge.
  • “We get you excited to try a new Breckenridge Experience during our conversation, AND set you up to make that experience happen before you move on.”
  • “We want you to be excited to come back, and tell the story about your new adventure, and to tell your friends too!”
  • “You leave Breckenridge feeling like it’s a special place, truly unlike any other ski town.” 

Because not all consumers are alike, we may not use every standard within every engagement. We can however practice building variety and personality into each message, and adapt communication styles to meet a variety of needs from guests. Problems like dissatisfied visitors or experience conflicts are often opportunities in disguise. When we learn how to react, respond, truly listen and then recover, we can build interpersonal relationships, thus creating a better business for the future and solve issues we may have never known we had. 

In addition to these basic service skills, we can weave in messaging about Breckenridge’s current standards, so we can feel confident that our guests are adapting to our habits to keep our community safe. 

To put it all simply, visitors WANT to feel like locals, and a lot of the time, they’re unaware they aren’t following the rules or norms. If we can all join in to spread knowledge, we can create a better Breckenridge, together. When we do things the right way and can convey our standards kindly and effectively, Breckenridge’s guests will follow along and do the same.

Please visit for more information, training sessions, community resources or to nominate a One Breckenridge Guest Service Champion. 

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