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Breckenridge Community Update
(meeting recording from January 14, 2021)

By BTO Staff | Updated 1.15.21

Watch Recording Summit County Director of Public Health Amy Wineland, Breckenridge Mayor Eric Mamula, Town Manager Rick Holman, Asst. Town Manager Shannon Haynes, & Breckenridge Tourism Office President/CEO Lucy Kay held a Community Update on January 14, 2021. 

Breckenridge Community Update – Holiday Outlook & Planning
(meeting recording from December 21, 2020)

By BTO Staff | Updated 12.21.20

Watch Recording Join Breckenridge Mayor Eric Mamula, Town Manager Rick Holman, Asst. Town Manager Shannon Haynes, & Breckenridge Tourism Office President/CEO Lucy Kay, for a Breckenridge Community update examining holiday outlook and planning recorded on December 21. The discussion will cover county and town updates on the 5 Star Certification Program and variances, new improvements to the curbside pickup zones, and lodging and ski resort reservations.

BTO Special Session: Best Practices & Tips for Google, FB, TripAdvisor, & More
(meeting recording from December 10, 2020)

By BTO Staff | Updated 12.11.20

Watch Recording
Join BTO Digital Marketing Manager Holly Blando, and Google Program Director at Miles Partnership, Kim Palmer, for a special session featuring tactical tips and best practices for online listings including Yelp, TripAdvisor, Facebook and, of course – Google. Your proactive efforts will help maximize your exposure on these influential consumer-facing platforms and generate incremental business at a time when it matters most. You can also view the slides from the presentation.

BTO Virtual Meeting– Winter Update & Expectations
(meeting recording from December 10, 2020)

By BTO Staff | Updated 12.11.20

Watch Recording
Watch Breckenridge Tourism Office President/CEO, Lucy Kay, as she and a special panel present the 20-21  Winter Plans and Responsible Tourism webinar. The webinar will include plans to launch a Responsible Tourism Brand and operational updates from Breckenridge Ski Resort.  Lucy will be joined by BTO Chief Marketing Officer, Brett Howard, & BSR Senior Communications Manager, Sara Lococo.

BTO Virtual Community Update/Rapidly Changing Business Environment
(meeting recording from November 20, 2020)

By BTO Staff | Updated 11.20.20

Watch Recording
Watch Breckenridge Mayor Eric Mamula, Breckenridge Town Manager Rick Holman, Asst. Town Manager Shannon Haynes, Restauranteur Ken Nelson, President/CEO of the Breckenridge Tourism Office & Host Lucy Kay for a Breckenridge Community Update covering the rapidly changing business climate.

BTO Virtual Community Update with Breckenridge Ski Resort
(meeting recording from October 29, 2020)

By BTO Staff | Updated 10.29.20

Watch Recording
Watch Breckenridge Mayor Eric Mamula, Breckenridge Ski Resort representative Sara Lococo, Breckenridge Town Manager Rick Holman, Assistant Town Manager Shannon Haynes, President/CEO of the Breckenridge Tourism Office & Host Lucy Kay for a Breckenridge Community Update held on October 29.

BTO Virtual Community Update/Summit County Public Health Recap
(meeting recording from October 16, 2020)

By BTO Staff | Updated 10.16.20

Watch recording

BTO Virtual Meeting: Community Update
(meeting recording from October 8, 2020)

By BTO Staff |Updated 10.08.2020

Watch recording

BTO Virtual Meeting: Community Update
(meeting recording from September 9, 2020)

By BTO Staff | Updated 9.10.20

Watch Breckenridge Mayor Eric Mamula, Town Manager Rick Holman, Assistant Town Manager Shannon Haynes, Recreation Director Scott Reid, President/CEO of the Breckenridge Tourism Office & Host Lucy Kay, for a Breckenridge Community Update held on September 9, 2020. This session focused on winter activities, current research and updates. Watch now.

How To Use Google My Business To Get More Customers

By BTO Staff | Updated 8.20.20

Google My Business profiles are one the most highly-visible sources of information about your business.  Taking ownership of your profile ensures Google shows accurate information on business hours, delivery and carry out services, and contact info as well as what products you sell in relation to a search.  Learn how to get more customers using Google My Business.  
Watch Google My Business Webinar:  Part 1 – The Fundamentals
Watch Google My Business Webinar: Part 2 – Advanced

BTO Virtual Meeting: Community Update + SC School District + Public Health
(meeting recording from August 20, 2020)

By BTO Staff | Updated 8.20.20

Watch Breckenridge Mayor Eric Mamula, Town Manager Rick Holman, Assistant Town Manager Shannon Haynes, Summit High School Principal, Drew Adkins, Chief Academic Officer Summit Cove Elementary, Mary Kay Dore, a representative from Summit County Public Health and Host Lucy Kay, President/CEO of the Breckenridge Tourism Office for a Breckenridge Community Update. Listen to the meeting now.

BTO Virtual Meeting: Community Update – Breckenridge Resiliency
(meeting recording from August 6, 2020)

By BTO Staff | Updated 8.6.20

Watch Breckenridge Mayor Eric Mamula, Breckenridge Town Manager Rick Holman, Assistant Town Manager Shannon Haynes, and BTO CEO and Host Lucy Kay, President/CEO present a Breckenridge Community Update on August 6, 2020. This session focused on results from the business survey and feedback from focus group efforts with the Breckenridge Business Community. Q&A will happen in the second half of the session. Watch Now

Mental Health Resources: Building Hope Summit County

By BTO Staff | Updated 7.29.20

It’s okay not to be okay, and it’s okay to ask for help. Did you know Building Hope Summit County offers peer support groups, therapy scholarships, workplace trainings, and much more to support our community’s well being? The BTO wants to ensure you know all the resources available for your neighbors, coworkers, friends, family, and yourself during this challenging period and beyond. Watch this short vlog featuring Jen McAtamney, Executive Director of Building Hope Summit County, to learn more about current services.

BTO Vitual Meeting: Community Update – Breckenridge Recovery & Looking Forward (meeting recording from July 17, 2020)

By BTO Staff | Updated 7.17.20

Join Breckenridge Mayor Eric Mamula, Town Manager Rick Holman, Asst. Town Manager Shannon Haynes, BTO Director of Community Affairs Tessa Breder, and BTO CEO & meeting host Lucy Kay for a community update covering details and compliance for the new mask requirements and 11pm closures for bars/restaurants, a recap on July 4th weekend, community solidarity, business outlook and planning for the fall, followed by Q & A. Watch the meeting recording.

BTO Virtual Meeting: Looking Forward – Research Deep Dive
(BTO meeting recording from July 2, 2020)

By BTO Staff | Updated 7.2.20

This virtual meeting recording takes a dive into new, forward-looking data that is being utilized in the BTO’s decision-making processes and shares some of our current plans for marketing Breckenridge. We will honor our Business, Volunteer and One Breckenridge Service Champions of 2019. The second half of the event will focus on Q & A from the audience. Watch now.

One Breckenridge Service Champion Training
(BTO virtual training recording from June 24, 2020)

By BTO Staff |Updated 6.26.20

This 1-hour service champion training will arm Breckenridge front-line workers with the tools for success upon returning to work and town reopening to visitors. Ensure your staff are prepared with strong communication skills and service recovery techniques in the new world of mask enforcement and physical distancing. Watch the training

Breckenridge Community Update: Reopening & Recovery
(BTO virtual meeting recording from June 19, 2020)

By BTO Staff | Updated 6.19.20

Service Champion Recognition
(BTO virtual meeting recording from June 3, 2020)

By BTO Staff | Updated 6.10.20

Join the BTO in celebrating the following individuals and businesses who performed outstanding customer service this spring.

  • Christopher Michaelson-Perez – Beaver Run Resort
  • Preston Odette – Main Street Station
  • Vicki Deinema – Joy of Sox
  • Edna Snow – Great Western Lodging
  • Kelsey Campbell – The Lodge at Breckenridge
  • Lisa Kanamu – Breckenridge Recreation Center
  • Emma Bowen – Breckenridge Recreations Center
  • Mimi & Pin

Have you witnessed exceptional customer service? We want to hear about it and recognize deserving individuals and businesses. Tell us about a Breckenridge service champion.

Breckenridge Community Update: Reopening Protocols and Q&A
(BTO virtual meeting recording from June 5, 2020)

By BTO Staff | Updated 6.8.20

Read the updated meeting Q&A.

Reopening Breckenridge Community Update and Q&A
(BTO virtual meeting recording from May 22, 2020)

By BTO Staff | Updated 5.29.20

Read the updated meeting Q & A’s.

Guest Service Standard # 1
We invite a conversation with you in the first 30 seconds of meeting you

By BTO Staff | Updated 5.27.20

A foundation of the One Breckenridge guest service program asks individuals to engage with visitors in a way that enhances the visitor experience in Breckenridge. Standard #1 “invites” the conversation early in the engagement.

One Breckenridge Guest Service Standard # 1 – We invite a conversation with you in the first 30 seconds of meeting you, respecting the fact that you are the reason why we are here.

Our One Breckenridge training sessions teach techniques like using your genuine smile, remove barriers, and engagement activity based on distance to the visitor.  You may ask; I am wearing a mask, who can see my smile? We have plastic screens to protect us, how do we remove the barrier? “What?, get closer in a physical distance environment?

They eyes tell the story of a genuine smile. A genuine smile can be seen in the eyes AND heard on the phone. The mask does not cover your eyes. Do not be shy; show those people the crow’s feet around your eyes, they will show you theirs.

Barrier breakdown starts with being an active, engaged listener. Remember, 55% of your communication comes from your body language. Use open postures, avoid crossing your arms or leaning, use welcoming hand gestures. Take notes if appropriate. Tone makes up 38% of your communication. How many ways can you say yes and it has a different meaning each time? The content of your engagement, your words, make up 7% of communication. How you represent yourself to the visitor can be an automatic barrier breaker OR builder depending upon your approach. Practice may never reach perfection, but it does reach excellence.

We address “patience” in our training and I cannot advocate this enough. We are going to have anxious, excited visitors who will be like kids on the last day of school. So much has and will change. Do not take their “unique” question, which you have heard for the 100th time, for granted. You only have one chance to make a first impression.

Hungry for more? Erica Kaehly of Guest Service Solutions; who is a champion trainer for our One Breckenridge programs, has kindly shared these tools for us to use.

Eye Contact

Preparing to be present

One Breckenridge Service

Interested in molding your team into Guest Service Champions?  Contact Bill Wishowski @ for more information on having a One Breckenridge Guest Service Influencers work with your team.

Re-Opening in Breckenridge: Guest Service Fundamentals

By BTO Staff | Updated 5.20.20

While Breckenridge is currently under a “safer-at-home” order, we know that guests are still eager to travel, and even though we’re not inviting guests into our community just yet, it’s our job to make this process as safe and friendly as possible. By being good hosts and stewards, we are able to better educate our visitors of our expectations and create an opportunity to rebuild these relationships stronger than before.

The focus of One Breckenridge has always been economic sustainability. The simple math is: if you take care of clients and visitors, the cost to grow a business is reduced, thanks to repeat guests and referrals. Basically, our role here in Breckenridge is to leave people feeling like this is a special place that is truly unlike any other ski town. 

Not only can we all come together in these difficult times as a local community, but through consistent service, we can create a place where guests can feel welcome, safe and excited to return to. Which means better livelihood for everyone in the long run. 

So why should you care about guest service during this time? Consistent service is something that locals can own and have a hand in controlling, which is why coming together to address visitors in a helpful, informed manner is going to change their habits and help our community in the long run.

Because our guests view all experiences as Breckenridge as a whole, negative or positive, this can have a huge influence on their overall feelings about our town and community, thus their likelihood to return or recommend.

So how can we keep up with relevant safety standards while still upholding consistent Breckenridge customer service? Here are One Breckenridge’s 5 standards to use as tools to meet the expectations of visitors:

  • “We invite a conversation with you in the first 30 seconds of meeting you, respecting the fact that you are the reason why we are here.” 
  • “In the first two minutes of our conversation, you feel like you just made a new friend-like you now “know a guy” in Breckenridge.
  • “We get you excited to try a new Breckenridge Experience during our conversation, AND set you up to make that experience happen before you move on.”
  • “We want you to be excited to come back, and tell the story about your new adventure, and to tell your friends too!”
  • “You leave Breckenridge feeling like it’s a special place, truly unlike any other ski town.” 

Because not all consumers are alike, we may not use every standard within every engagement. We can however practice building variety and personality into each message, and adapt communication styles to meet a variety of needs from guests. Problems like dissatisfied visitors or experience conflicts are often opportunities in disguise. When we learn how to react, respond, truly listen and then recover, we can build interpersonal relationships, thus creating a better business for the future and solve issues we may have never known we had. 

In addition to these basic service skills, we can weave in messaging about Breckenridge’s current standards, so we can feel confident that our guests are adapting to our habits to keep our community safe. 

To put it all simply, visitors WANT to feel like locals, and a lot of the time, they’re unaware they aren’t following the rules or norms. If we can all join in to spread knowledge, we can create a better Breckenridge, together. When we do things the right way and can convey our standards kindly and effectively, Breckenridge’s guests will follow along and do the same.

Please visit for more information, training sessions, community resources or to nominate a One Breckenridge Guest Service Champion. 

Additional Resources:

30 minute “training” session – Generous Listening for Remarkable Service Recovery

Short intro to service recovery – Preparing to be Present

Leadership in a Crisis Webinar – Choosing Leadership, Empathy and Resilience 

Planning for Breckenridge’s Reopening
(BTO virtual meeting playback from April 30, 2020)

By BTO Staff | Updated 5.1.20

We’ve answered your questions with the most current information we have.   As we get more information, we will update these Q&A sheets.   Thank you for your patience and understanding – things are changing by the hour.

Read the meeting Q & A’s

Watch the video recording

The Breckenridge Tourism Office (BTO) and Town of Breckenridge (TOB) held a virtual meeting covering local and state recovery task force updates, as well as the most recent guidance from county and state Public Health. Get the scoop on what decisions have been made and what information is still pending on the road to reopening Breckenridge in a safe, strategic, and effective manner.

Tips for Self-Employed Workers Applying for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance

By Lauren Swanson | Posted 4.24.20

According to the most recently completed census data, about 15% of Summit County residents are self-employed to some degree. Until April 20, 2020, freelancers, 1099 independent contractors, app-based workers, carpenters, and consultants were left to wonder what kind of assistance is available for self-employed workers impacted by COVID-19.

Most Breckenridge residents have had their household income affected by COVID-19 pandemic. Typically, independent contractors are not eligible for employment benefits or on the contrary, unemployment assistance. So, when the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment began accepting applications for self-employed individuals to file for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Claim, we had a lot of questions: Do we qualify? What if we’re still working part-time? What if we make the majority of our income seasonally? What type of proof of income do they need? Will it ever stop snowing?

Do you qualify?
PUA is designed for business owners, sole proprietors, gig-economy workers, freelancers, app-based workers, and other 1099 independent contractors to access assistance if they meet eligibility requirements.

What if you’re still working part-time?
One of the first questions in the ‘Pandemic Claim Information’ section asks if you are unemployed because of COVID-19. It seems straightforward, but what if your hours were reduced, or if you’re working to replace that income? YES, seems like the obvious answer, but this has always felt like a grey area for folks who don’t receive income on a traditional pay schedule. Perhaps it should say, ‘Yes – my income has been reduced or eliminated because of COVID-19’.

How/where can I explain partial unemployment status?
Later on in the application you have the opportunity to explain a partial unemployment status. Check “None of the above apply to me” to get there. Answering ‘None of the above’ displays options to report reduced hours or pay, furloughed, gig economy workers, independent contractors, etc.. There is also a place to write a detailed explanation about your unemployment status.

Hopefully this assistance will help the self employed community avoid a vulnerable financial position and be able to be apart of the Summit County business community.

Lauren is a digital marketing consultant who moonlights at the Breckenridge Welcome Center. Her favorite quarantine takeout is the Mac & Cheese and a Canteen Ahhh Rita from the Canteen Tap House & Tavern. While social-distancing, Lauren has been staying active on the XC trails of her Peak 7 neighborhood.

The Path Ahead: BTO’s Forward Approach (virtual meeting playback)

By BTO Staff | Updated 4.17.20

Catch the video playback of the BTO’s virtual meeting held April 16, 2020.

Read the meeting Q & A’s

Whatever the coming months may hold, the Breckenridge Tourism Office has a plan. Check out the video below to see what preparations are underway so that Breckenridge is ready to rebound as soon as it’s safe. This meeting covered a situation overview from Mayor Eric Mamula, BSR COO John Buhler, and BTO CEO Lucy Kay, as well as planning updates from BTO Marketing, Public Relations, Sales, Community Affairs, and Events team members on the path forward.

Keeping Your Cool: Local Activities to Stay Sane

By BTO Staff | Updated 4.24.20

Over the last month, dining tables have become makeshift offices, parents have become teachers, and we’re spending a lot more time in tight quarters with our households. If you’re having a hard time adjusting to quarantine life with your new coworkers, rest assured you aren’t alone. Here are some great ways to keep it together while having to keep together:

Get Funky With It: Creative Offerings

  • Breckenridge Distillery Virtual Happy Hour
    Breck Distillery’s Liquid Chef Billie Keithley is offering a fun cocktail workshop to teach you how to make several types of cocktails, providing her insight on the art of crafting cocktails and give you tips on how to be a successful bartender at home. BD HH will be every Thursday in April at 7pm on Zoom Meet up.
  • BreckCreate Connect Virtual Art Studio
    Breckenridge Creative Arts is continuing to provide arts experiences to the community even during the shutdown. BCA is offering a wide array of artist-taught classes such as DIY hand sanitizer and upcycled pillow making, in addition to sharing national and international online arts experiences. To check their schedule and join in, visit BCA’s Facebook or Instagram.
  • Ready, Paint, Fire! Art Projects To-Go
    RPF has fun and creative art projects to easily do at home. Pre-sketched canvas, fun images to paint with your own materials. Special Pricing during COVID-19 to prevent boredom. Need brushes & paint? Rent an acrylic kit or paint uour own pottery at home! Choose your pieces and take a ceramic paint kit home with everything you need to paint on mom’s kitchen table. Bring back for kiln firing when you’re finished.

Just Keep Swimming: Wellness Offerings

  • Bhava Yoga “OM From Home”
    Bhava is offering daily classes online through their online studio so you can “OM from home” and stay well during quarantine. Classes in April are free to healthcare workers and others fighting on the front lines of COVID-19.
  • Breckenridge Recreation Center – Les Mills On-Demand
    While we hope everyone is getting outside for some sunshine and fresh air, our friends at Les Mills (the BodyPump folks) have provided use of a platform full of free, no equipment workouts. There are workouts for kids, too!
  • Meta Yoga Studios “From Our Home to Yours”
    Meta is currently offering free online mini sessions to help the community stay centered during this challenging time. Sessions streamed daily with rotating teachers and class styles. Join Meta’s “from our home to yours” on Facebook or Instagram.

Top 5 Ways to Show Breckenridge Businesses Love in the Time of COVID-19

By BTO Staff | Posted 4.13.20

It’s estimated that as much as two-thirds of Summit County is currently out of work due to COVID-19 related closures. This leaves the most vulnerable residents in our community at greatest risk of having to relocate and beloved shops and restaurants being forced to make difficult decisions about their future.

image by Town of Breckenridge

Breckenridge’s service and hospitality industries need your support. Luckily, there are ways you can help give our local businesses a little extra boost right now, all from a safe distance.

1) Order delivery or takeout

Many of our favorite restaurants are still operating daily with new delivery or to-go options just to keep their employees working and maintain some normalcy for residents. Pro Tip: have you taken advantage of some of these quaran-deals?! Some shops are even offering pay-it-forward options where you can send their products to those working on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19.

2) Tip extra

If you can afford to do so right now, show some extra love on the tip line. Some restaurants are even using those tips specifically to support their furloughed employees during this period.

3) Shop retailers online

You can support your favorite shops and come out of quarantine looking chic by purchasing online from your favorite brick-and-mortars. Pro Tip: The closures have brought online shopping to a new level–check out the social media pages of your favorite retailers, you may be surprised by some of their new offerings and deals.

4) Buy giftcards now to use later

Know you’ll be hitting your favorite spots for days on end as soon as this is all over? Jump over to their website and quaran-treat yourself to a giftcard to use when they reopen. They’ll be grateful to have the revenue from loyal customers during this uncertain time.

5) Leave positive online reviews

Posting good reviews and participating on social media can have a major impact for a small business’s online presence. Go to Google, Facebook, or Trip Advisor and write some kind words to help boost your favorite activity vendors, retailers, bars, and restaurants.

Is your Breckenridge business offering virtual experiences right now? We want to know about it! Please email Tessa at