Guest Service Training

Throughout the year, Breckenridge employees have an opportunity to participate in Guest Service Champion (GSC) and Guest Service Influencer (GSI) training programs, where they not only learn the fundamentals of providing the best customer service, but how to teach these skills as well. GSC is a budget-friendly course for your front-line staff to learn communication tactics and familiarize new residents with all that Breckenridge has to offer through a retail scavenger hunt. GSI is a more in-depth option available for anyone who will be supervising, managing, or training your employees. The theory is, each GSI graduate will be able to go out into the community and teach these skills to other employees, making a town-wide culture of excellent guest service. The five standards we instill in guest service workers to demonstrate with each and every guest:

  1. We invite a conversation with you in the first 30 seconds of meeting you, respecting the fact that you are the reason why we are here.
  2. In the first two minutes of our conversation, you feel like you just made a new friend-like you now “know a guy / gal” in Breckenridge.
  3. We get you excited to try a new Breckenridge experience during our conversation, and set you up to make that experience happen before you move on.
  4. We want you to be excited to come back, and tell the story about your new adventure, and to tell your friends too!
  5. You leave Breckenridge feeling like it’s a special place – truly unlike any other ski town.


This 1-hour service champion training will arm Breckenridge front-line workers with the tools for success upon returning to work and town reopening to visitors. Ensure your staff are prepared with strong communication skills and service recovery techniques in the new world of mask enforcement and physical distancing. Watch the training

Please email Bill at to be notified about future trainings or schedule a private training for your business in the future.