Breck101 Business Registration

Thanks for your interest in Breck 101! Please check back in the spring for information about participating in the summer 2020 session.

What is Breck 101?

Breck 101 is a two-week experiential guest-service training program that runs twice annually offering activity outings, fine dining experiences, spa services, lodging tours, and retail bingo to Breckenridge’s most guest-facing employees, all at no cost to students.

The sole mission of the program is to better familiarize Breckenridge’s guest service workers with the recommendations they’re asked to give every day. More importantly, the program provides employees the tools to make the right recommendation for the right guest to ensure the highest guest satisfaction and likelihood to return.

With five Breck 101 sessions run throughout the last two years, we’ve learned a great deal and want to work with your business to create enticing experiences to get guest service workers in the door and learn about all you have to offer.