Breck 101 Summer School will be running June 2 – 24!
With all that’s happened in the last year and a half, it’s more important than ever that Breckenridge’s frontline workers are reacquainted with local attractions and activities so that we can best serve summer guests.


What is Breck 101?

In 2017, the Breckenridge Tourism Office launched the seasonal pilot program of Breck 101. The experiential guest-service training program offers activity outings, fine dining experiences, spa services, lodging tours, and a retail scavenger hunt to Breckenridge’s most guest-facing employees. The mission of the Breck 101 program is to provide Breckenridge’s guest service workers an opportunity to experience first-hand the offerings they’re trusted to recommend while also learning about support resources available to them as residents. In 2019, Breck 101 received Destinations International Most Cost Effective New Program at the annual WOW Awards for its ability to provide an exceptional frontline training experience – all at no cost to students.

Why it is important?

Due to limited capacities this winter, ensuring your team’s awareness of all the Breckenridge area has to offer is more important than ever. The BTO researches the guest experience extensively to better understand their expectations and what influences their likelihood to promote Breckenridge as a destination.  During their stay, we’ve taken intercept surveys that are compared to their post trip viewpoints to identify “where guests receive their information” and “what they wish they had known”. For the 18-19 winter season, retail workers, servers/bartenders, concierges/hotel staff, and the Welcome Center rose in rank and accounted for the top resources of in-town information, only second to Google. According to Destination Analyst, over 86% of travel decisions are decided by word of mouth opinions.

How Breck 101 benefits a business:
  1. The participants in the program occupy some of the highest guest interaction positions in Breckenridge and will gain the knowledge to recommend your business to the right guest. With all the new protocols required this winter, it’s critical that frontline staff are aware of your current offerings.
  2. Utilize the students of this program to help train your own employees. If there’s an opportunity for your business to use our students as “guests” to support new offerings or demonstrations while helping to train your own staff, we want to help!
  3. Constructive feedback and reviews delivered by the students and provided through Trip Advisor, Yelp, and the One Breckenridge “Who Made Your Day” recognition program. This feedback can be used to improve your business.  The reviews will be posted to gain awareness and bring guests through your door.
  • Students: All front-line, guest-facing positions in Breckenridge can enroll as “students” – retail workers, front-desk and sales, bartenders and servers, shuttle drivers and more are all encouraged to participate. Research shows these positions now provide more recommendations than the traditional lodging concierge once did. In exchange for their participation, students must provide the businesses feedback in the form of more informed referrals and online reviews of each experience.
  • Businesses: Vendors may participate by providing experiences for students to try – sleigh rides, historical tours, retail offerings, tasting dinners – your business offering is entirely up to you. With two annual Breck 101 programs run since 2017, we’ve learned a great deal and want to work with your business to create enticing experiences to get guest service workers in the door and learn about all you have to offer. Register below to get in touch with the BTO to discuss more.