Business Programs & Resources

Owning a business in Breckenridge is a unique and exciting experience.  Read on for hints and tips on how the Breckenridge Tourism Office (BTO) can help you navigate our business environment by understanding the Breckenridge guests.  Businesses holding a BOLT license in the Town of Breckenridge are automatically eligible to be a part of Business Services at no cost and can take advantage of all benefits listed below.  Contact Suzanne Lifgren at 970.453.5058 with questions or for additional information.

Community Affairs / Services at The Breckenridge Tourism Office

The Community Affairs and Services department of the Breckenridge Tourism Office is part of the management side of our organization.  Our goal is to understand the guest experience and deliver the research, education, and programs that help Breckenridge businesses exceed our guests’ expectations and deliver “welcoming” guest service.

Our Sevices include:

  • Weekly Newsletters
  • Forums, Previews, and Seminars
  • Occupancy Forecasts
  • Guest Research
  • Welcome Center Placement and Referrals
  • Activity submissions in online calendar
  • Low cost – Guest Service Training through One Breckenridge
  • Open participation in Breckenridge Experience programs – Breck 101
  • Participation in Conference Service programs

Drop us a line to see how your business can get involved – contact Suzanne Lifgren at 970.453.5058.

Breck 101: Winter 2018 | 2019

An experiential learning program designed to inform Breckenridge guest facing employees of What to Do?, Where to Go?, and What to Eat? in Breckenridge.

The first Breck 101 program launched in winter 2017 and educated 200 concierges, information specialists, group sales coordinators, front desk, restaurant and retail workers on 30 different participating area businesses. Due to the great success of this pilot program, the Breckenridge Tourism Office, through One Breckenridge, is thrilled to announce Breck 101: November 29 – December 14, 2018.

Did you know according to the  BTO research most of our guest experience is shaped by the retail, restaurant, concierge and Welcome Center employees that recommend our businesses?

Waiters, bartenders, retail staff, the front desk staff, and hotel concierges provide the highest influence on directing guests to the vacation experience they envision. The wrong recommendation due to a lack of knowledge not only negatively impacts the guest experience but can change a guest from recommending Breckenridge overall. Changing a guest from a promoter to a passive visitor, or worse, a detractor can account for nearly $80,000 of economic impact to our town.  In addition, it can produce a ripple effect on online reviews.

Breck 101: Class is in Session

Guest-facing employees are invited to experience a wide variety of activities from dining to snowbiking and a retail scavenger hunt November 29 – December 14th

How it works:

Students and Employers are encouraged to register for the One Breckenridge Champion training on November 29th.  The training provides communication and guest service skills necessary for providing great recommendations.  Following the training students will be given a login and password to register for the two- week curriculum. Students are required to turn in their report cards (Surveys) and submit reviews of each experience for a chance to win a series of prizes.

How Breck 101 benefits businesses:

  1. Constructive feedback and reviews delivered by the participants and provided through Trip Advisor, Yelp and the One Breckenridge “Who Made Your Day” program. This feedback can be used to improve your business.  The reviews will be posted to gain awareness and bring guests through your door.
  2. The participants in the program occupy some of the highest guest interaction positions in Breckenridge. Armed with knowledge about your business they will be able to recommend your business to the right guest. This recommendation can lead to an increase of the right audience at the right time and potentially increase customer loyalty.
  3. If you agree that this program can increase your sales, recommendation and improve your overall business we encourage you to participate.